Parents, please see an important letter below.

To:  Our wonderful, devoted parents and friends of the school

From:  Mr. Mark Pechuman, Chairman of the Trinity UMC Church Council

             Dr. Kirk Bozeman,  Senior Pastor of Trinity UMC

             Mr. Charlie Strong,  Chairman of the Trinity School Board

Greetings in the name of our common God.  We pray this letter finds you and yours healthy and happy.

As you may have heard by now, recently we were forced to remove the principal of our school.  That action was not one that we took lightly.  The action was taken after deep prayer and was necessary to ensure that our school continues to be a place where children can grow and develop in an environment conducive to learning and growing in faith.  

No matter how one states it, our school’s mission is to guide our students to develop Christian servant-leader qualities while providing a comprehensive academic program which prepares students for higher education and/or for life in today’s rapidly changing world.  We all know that at no point in the Trinity School’s 10 year history has anyone been allowed to hinder that mission. 

None of this has changed!  We will be a live, happy and enthusiastic school next year!  We are determined! Simply by enrolling your child or children you are ensuring your child’s success, next year and in the many years to come.

The valued members of the school community have together built an institution known for its splendid instruction, caring atmosphere, and commitment to the ideal of a godly education.  In that regard, we are thrilled to share with you the list of our teachers who have indicated their desire to return.  Other fine teachers will be hired in time for them to be well prepared for your child as he or she comes to class.

Mr. Calvin Cooley -   Physical Education & Computer Science
Mrs. Anne Dawson - Office Manager
Mrs. Pam Harding - Kindergarten
Mrs. Vicki Lanier - Financial Secretary
Mrs. Julie Merwanji – 3rd Grade
Mrs. Kim Smithey - Music and Art
Mrs. Susan Stephens – 4th Grade
Mrs. Sharon Vosburgh – 1st Grade
Mrs. Vicki Wade – Para pro – Kindergarten
Mrs. Cathy Youmans – 2nd Grade
Mrs. Julie Gordon – Para Pro - 4 Year Olds 
Mrs. Charlene Wilson – Cyber Academy 

We would like to thank you again for your support and dedication to the Trinity School and the children it serves.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Trinity School, in partnership with Trinity United Methodist Church, is to provide a Christ-centered learning community in which all parties are fully committed to the success of every child. Working together, we facilitate meaningful learning experiences that cultivate growth and development of the whole child.

Registration for the 2015-2016 school year begins the first week of February, 2015! Please be sure to register your child as soon as possible!  We love our Trinity School family and are looking forward to the next school year!  Download the application form here as PDF.



GASSO has notified us that they expect the monies to run out by January 4, 2015. The money ran out for 2014 on January 20, 2014. GASSO is asking that you go ahead and fill out the online application NOW at and GASSO will submit them on January 1, 2015, with no payment due until you receive your pre-approval letter. Then you will be asked to make your donation. 

GASSO feels that you will have a better chance of getting approved if everything is ready to go on the 1st of January, 2015. Applications will be processed in the order they are receive this summer, making it urgent that the paperwork is completed immediately. 

Please share this information with anyone that you know of that may be interested in filing for GASSO!!

Let's get ahead of the game and have everything in order!!!