Do you remember the old Quiznos commercials? Their slogan was, “funny name, serious sandwich.” A pretty clever slogan to get you to remember their name. The owner, Jimmy Lambatos, invented the name by creating a faux-Italian sounding name out of the two most memorable letters of the alphabet: Q and Z.

Sometimes we have big words in the church that don’t have an English equivalent. Agape is one of those. Loosely translated it means “love” but not just any kind of love. It means a love that expresses the transcendent concept of grace or “the unearned, unmerited love of God.” Koinonia is another word with a bigger meaning beyond its translation. It means “fellowship, partnership, an investment or collaboration with others.”

When I think of Trinity, I think of a community that embodies Koinonia. We don’t meet strangers. We love one another to Christ each and every day. We spread agape, love without hesitation and we value the ideals of love, fellowship, welcoming, and dependability.

Over the next four weeks we will be embarking on a sermon series titled Koinonia. We will look at how the early church thought of Koinonia and what it means for Trinity to start a movement of Koininoia in Bartow County. The focus this week is “love.” What does “loving one another to Christ” look like? I hope you’ll join us and I hope you’ll invite others along on the journey. It will truly be both meaningful and exciting as we become the church God is calling us to be!

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