Women’s Sunday

What do you notice when you enter a church? Do you see a welcoming atmosphere with people smiling and giving warm hugs? That’s how I felt when I first visited Trinity. It felt like home, a place filled with hope, love, and encouragement, especially from the women in the church. They became my lifelong sisters, mentors, and even bonus moms. My mother taught me that when one door closes, another will open, and to have faith that everything happens for a reason. I never fully understood that until I was older.

 Having women of faith around me who remind me of my mother is essential. They are someone I can look up to, and they extend a helping hand without judgment. The women of this church have given me advice and walked with me through tough times. When I was feeling down, the entire church helped lift me up. I will always cherish the overwhelming love I received from the women at Trinity.

Why is it important for young adults to have women of faith in their lives? Even when we grow up and move out, our parents’ job is never done, and we still need guidance. Where can a young woman find that? When you encounter a young woman who looks exhausted behind the counter at the grocery store, what would you say to make her smile? Or the young girl struggling with her grades in college? How would you, as a woman of faith, approach her? The women of Trinity show love, encouragement, and support. They remind you how loved you are and do not judge you based on your appearance, lifestyle, or beliefs.

These women are not only vital in guiding young women but also serve as role models for the younger generation. The dedication they show to God and the church is something that we can all learn from. This same dedication should be passed down to every woman who comes into this world. To the women of Trinity, thank you for making this young woman’s life richer in every way.

Hannah Welch

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  1. Hannah, thank you for these encouraging words. I hope that you will continue to feel at home at Trinity, because you are part of our Trinity family.

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