Keep Moving Forward: Confirmation

This Sunday is Confirmation Sunday. It is a great day in our church! But what is Confirmation? Why do Confirmation? What can you expect Sunday? These are questions, I will try to answer.

Confirmation is the admission into the church family. It is usually completed by youth around age 13. Most confirmands were baptized as an infant (though that is not required in order to go through a confirmation class). Confirmation is a time to learn about Christianity, the church, history, and life as a follower of Jesus. At the end of class, the confirmand will be given the opportunity to confirm their desire to confirm their baptism and follow Jesus and for those not baptized before, this is the opportunity to be baptized.

So, what will happen this Sunday. There are 2 big things that will happen this Sunday. First, each confirmand will have the opportunity to make a promise. This is the time where we celebrate their public declaration of their personal faith in Jesus. They will promise to turn towards Christ, to renounce evil, repent repent of my sins, and to will keep God’s commandments and expectations. The congregation will also have an opportunity to confirm their commitment to supporting the confirmand through their prayers, presence, gifts, talents, and witness. Hearing people declare their faith, and make these promises is really encouraging for other Christians.

Secondly, Pastor Shannon will pray over each confirmand and their family and she will lead the entire church in prayer. The prayer will be that God will strengthen his servants, to remind all of us that we are part of an integral part of shaping each member of Christ’s family.

Pastor Shannon and I have had the amazing opportunity to lead Confirmation classes since January. Our theme has been “Keep Moving Forward,” for confirmation is just a part of our Christian journey though life.

We are so excited to celebrate Confirmation with Blake Smith, Kimberlin Smith and Lee Pratt. Take a moment Sunday to welcome each of them to the Trinity family and to the family of Christ. And remember to “Keep Moving Forward” in your faith walk.

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