It’s a Wonder-FULL Life!

Did you know that Jesus talked about money more than any other issue? Money is referenced in the Bible more than 800 times! Yet we avoid talking about it. We keep quiet about money and how we use it. And in doing so we neglect a spiritual practice that can change how we see the world and our role as Christians in it.

Spiritual practice feeds that part of ourselves that is oriented toward serenity, harmony, truth, compassion, gratitude, love and joy. But these are not always words we use to describe the role of money in our lives. In the classic film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” a crisis of money creates vastly diverse reactions from several characters that can hold up a mirror to our own relationships with money. In this three week series, we will “look” squarely in the face of our money issues in compassionate ways that can offer more depth of meaning, healing, and wholeness and a whole new “outlook” on what constitutes a wonderful life.

I hope to see you Sunday. I can’t wait to walk through this series with you!

-Pastor Shannon

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