#HolyMischief Week 2

What specifically does it mean to live mischievously AND holy?

At one point in my life I had both of those down but separately. How do we do the two together? The thought is intriguing. When I started doing it, I didn’t just feel called to it. I wanted more than anything to make Holy Mischief a way of life. A disruption of the gospel in a world of apathy. The  divine disruption of God’s grace. Making the ordinary sacramental. That. I wanted all that. 

Who knows why words are so powerful? Those two words (Holy and Mischief) on their own are interesting enough. But the combo incites a rush of adrenaline that calls us to action.


Delivering cards to the nursing home from children? #HolyMischief

faith, prayer, #HolyMischief

Buying books for a teacher’s classroom wish list and having them delivered anonymously? #HolyMischief

Taking your kid out of school to spend quality time with them? #HolyMischief

Putting sticky notes ALL over a friends car with inspiring messages on them? #HolyMischief

Buying the coffee/breakfast/meal for the person behind you in the drive through line? #HolyMischief

Hugging someone longer than normal. #HolyMischief

When you start looking for what #HolyMischief is, it becomes obvious. It happens every day in ordinary ways all around us. God reaches down and nudges us to go and show some love to someone else. And we do. And the impact changes the world.

Join us Sunday as continue our series and we do more #HolyMischief!

faith, #HolyMischief

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