From Betty Crane


It is said, “Family love grows warmer at Christmas.” I was in awe of my dad. But, every Christmas just
my dad and I would head out to pick the “perfect tree.” It is a sweet memory.

Mom, sister and I handled the tree trimming. Mom, being particular about placement, was always in
charge of lights. The final touch was my container of “Lincoln Logs.” I would assemble a log cabin and
fence scene under the tree. I would lie under the tree at night and let my imagination take over. The
glow of Christmas lights made my cozy scene magical.

On Christmas morn, I walked into the living room. Wow! The shiny, bright blue bicycle, gleaming
chrome handlebars, and fancy accessories literally took my breath away.
I loved that bike. I put many miles on it and thought I was the coolest kid on the block. I wish I still had
it. Oh! The joys of Christmas.


-Betty Crane

Betty Crane

The people walking in darkness are seeing a brilliant light — upon those who dwell in a land of deep shadows light is shining! — Isaiah 9:2 


P.S. – On Christmas Eve as we light our candles, we open our hearts to becoming part of the gift of light in the world. Like the choice the shepherds faced, will we live in the shadows of fear, or will we dare to run to the manger to know and believe the Good News of new possibility for all who need it most? 


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